Design and research

our methods

Pesquisas comportamentais Strategy and ideation
Pesquisas analíticas Experience design
Arquitetura de informação Interface design

Strategy and ideation

Innovation Workshop

We research consumer behavior, trends, similar scenarios, and present a workshop focusing on creation and strategy.

International Research

We conduct studies for companies that want to test their products in Brazil and in different parts of the world.

Competitive and Strategic Analysis

An overall assessment comparing the client's product and key competitors –or similar international players.

Ethnographic Research

We drink straight from the fountain of ethnography: we seek the interviewee to talk to him and get a better understanding of his daily life, his habits and how he relates to the product.

Recent Clients:

Electrolux HBO Latin America

Experience design

Usability Test

We can test websites, prototypes, tablet and phone apps, or any other interactive project. In lab or remotely.

Interaction Design

We start by understanding the brand and users' expectation. Then we move to the interface concept, with sketches and mindmaps. We sketch until we reach the ideal experience and convey it into the wireframe.

Service Design

We analyze users' touch points with the brand. Then we design to make it part of a remarkable experience.

Recent Clients:

Porto Seguro NET

Interface design


Interface design transposes to the surface what the UX team defines at the structure. Color, typography and icons create the mood for the website. They also make the ambience for a transaction, understanding information, or to accomplish a goal. We start thinking about the interface design the moment we start our investigation on the project. UX and UI mature together to create a whole, one unit.

Style Guide

The colors, the type family, the asset library: everything is part of the brand's identity and integral to the experience the user has with it.

Recent Clients:

CI Intercâmbio e Viagens Mambo

Recent projects


We dove deep to understand
the future of connected homes.

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Grocery e-commerce
with all of Mambo’s freshness.

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Student Exchange website
bringing customers the study abroad experience.

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