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About Us

Try is a leading usability and UX company based in São Paulo. We work with our clients to understand user behavior and transform insights into design. Since we opened our doors in 2003, we have a strong focus in offering research in Brazil to other countries. We are one of the founding members of UXFellows - a network of UX companies that work together in international research projects. We understand the specifics of orchestrating a global research project -we will bring everything you need to the table:

  • Senior level, English-speaking researchers

  • Dedicated testing facilities with closed circuit TV (up to ten people on the testing room, up to 20 people in the observation room)

  • Simultaneous translators

  • Recruitment services

  • Testing and research in any location in Brazil

  • Concierge services: transfer, catering and local recommendations

We collaborate with you in real time, presenting highlights and integrating your feedback after each session. Just pick what you’d like from our services, and we’ll put together an outline for you.­­

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Some Clients