Tryans in 5 bullets

We're equal

Everybody gets their hands dirty, everybody plans and creates.
Also, everybody has the space needed to disagree
–We're all different.

We argue our points

We like convincing,
but we love being convinced even more.
Point for point,
the winner is the discussion itself.

We care

We are like craftsmen. On our computers.
If we have a week or just one day,
we'll make the best of each minute to create, refine, rethink.

We create

We take our own medicine. Our work is creative, and we create new ways of working together.
We bend methodologies until we can call them our own, we question common sense, we sit in different spots every day.

We love learning

We sell ideas, but we also buy them. One of our favorites is Bruce Mau's:: “A studio is a place of study. Using the need to produce as an excuse to study”.

Everything is going according to plan.
Maria Ercília Galvão Bueno CEO
French by birth, raised in São Paulo and a carioca at heart.
Ana Rebello Commercial Assistant
A forever would-be semiologist and a toys, games and books collector. Fascinated by how things work and life stories.
Bruno Canato UX Lead
Exotic countries lover, zombies and comics addict, ocasional illustrator and chef wanna be. Meaning: a social sciences nerd.
Vanessa Marques UX Lead
Musician in my spare time, compulsive series viewer and addicted to sports.
Gabriel Cardoso UX Analyst
Obsessed with finding connection everywhere, addicted to machines and gears, critic by work and nature. Highly methodic while being humanly sensible.
André Tokunaga UX Analyst
Derby Girl in my free time and in love with unicorns and kittens :3
Beatriz Lopes UX Intern
Internet would be even better if it smelled like paper.
Fernando Paravela Lead Designer
Bookworm and occasional illustrator, I used to play games in my spare time, but I've changed the games for Netflix.
Daniella Parra UX Analyst
Aspiring ninja but a real ninja with shiruken and stuff.
Natália Naomi Yonamine UX Designer
When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerfull thing you cold ever do.
Rafael Oliveira UI Designer
Photographer. Adventurer. Addicted to series and Lover of the digital age.
Yarha Costa Projects Coordinator
Knows by heart 28 places of number Pi.
Cadu Ferreira UX Designer
Photographer, Youtube Heavy User and early adopter. Crazy about traveling and cats.
Ale Rosenbaum UX Intern
Interested in human behavior and social structures, voguing whenever possible.
Daiane Melanda UX Designer
Music, technology and human behaviour lover. "I know quite a little. But I have in my favor everything I don't know".
Francisco Arranz UX Designer
Undecided nerd. Also, it was a true battle do decide what write here. Fanatic by indie games, series, boardgames and podcasts.
Raphael Sanches UX Intern
Ocasional biker fueled by green tea, semi-voracious reader.
Lisa Watanabe UX Designer
I love video games, good stories, movies and all sort of art.
Ícaro Ferracini UX Designer
Immersion | method >