Tryans in 5 bullets

We're equal

Everybody gets their hands dirty, everybody plans and creates.
Also, everybody has the space needed to disagree
–We're all different.

We argue our points

We like convincing,
but we love being convinced even more.
Point for point,
the winner is the discussion itself.

We care

We are like craftsmen. On our computers.
If we have a week or just one day,
we'll make the best of each minute to create, refine, rethink.

We create

We take our own medicine. Our work is creative, and we create new ways of working together.
We bend methodologies until we can call them our own, we question common sense, we sit in different spots every day.

We love learning

We sell ideas, but we also buy them. One of our favorites is Bruce Mau's:: “A studio is a place of study. Using the need to produce as an excuse to study”.

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