New Havaianas E-commerce


New Havaianas E-commerce


Havaianas e-commerce

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Análise Competitiva e Estratégica, Design de Interação, Teste de Usabilidade.



Create an e-commerce that captures the essence of Havaianas and makes the experience of exploring and buying the products fun. For the first time Havaianas has only one interface for the 81 countries in which the sandals are sold, running on several different platforms.


For this project an immersion stage was carried out with a visit to the concept store and a benchmark with studies about the main competitors in Brazil and in countries such as Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. With a macro view of the possibilities, a workshop was held to define the strategic vision that would be adopted and carried out the prototyping of the new e-commerce for future user tests.

Benchmark and Workshop

During the benchmark, analyzes were conducted on the main features of Havaianas sites in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as competitors in the apparel and footwear sectors for the best solutions and features of the new e-commerce. The client's journey has been traced, detailing each of the attention points and frailties. With the information obtained, it was possible to hold a multidisciplinary workshop to align ideas, innovation propose, define the new functionalities and contents that would be contemplated.


The prototyping of the new e-commerce has already begun with a team that had full control over the needs of this new project. Built around the iconic image of the sandals pair suspended on store displays. Exploring the variations of color and shape, creating a showcase ordered by tones. The customer's area reproduces a closet in which the models that the consumer has had throughout her life can be collected. The result of this stage was the navigable prototypes for user testing and functional descriptions to direct the development teams, thus ensuring that the end user receives the best experience.

Usability Tests

To test the new proposal and begin an interactive process of improvements and adjustments, tests were performed with users in Sao Paulo, New York and London. The study sought to identify existing problems and refine the proposed experience in the desktop and smartphone prototypes of the new e-commerce.

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