Connected Home Study


Connected Home Study


Ethnographic study and innovation workshop

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Estudo Etnográfico, Grupo Focal, Workshop de Inovação.



Observation and understanding of how people deal with social and housekeeping activities that involve household appliances on a day to day basis, aiming at identifying opportunities to develop innovative solutions that increase product and services values through connectivity. All phases were part of a bigger creation and innovation process at Electrolux called “Insights to Innovation”.

Work methods

The methods were split into three phases:

  • Ethnographic research plunging into a participants’ routine, in-depth interviews and observation;
  • Workshops with Electrolux’s team to generate insights;
  • Focus groups to validate concepts.

Ethnographic Research


Focus group

Ethnographic Research

This phase was about the in-home and in-depth interviews with two kinds of consumers: heavy users of connectivity products and mainstream consumers. We observed aspects related to habits, behavior, buying motivation and general feelings and perceptions that people had towards the products since their acquisition and the beginning of its use until the replacement decision. Six families were selected to participate in this study. All of them were owners of products with connectivity features such as washing machines, smart watches and refrigerators. This phase resulted in a report full of ideas, in addition to video testimonials, grouping observed behavioral patterns and insights that should translate the consumer impressions to the Electrolux team.

Workshops with Electrolux’s Team

For the innovation workshop, Electrolux and Try teams booked an inspiring place in São Paulo and planned a schedule that included results presentation, conferences and group dynamics. All the work groups designed the consumer journey, discussed specific points, suggested solutions to all the flagged issues and arrived at outcomes that could become innovative services and products.

Focal groups

Products idealized at the innovation workshop were improved, sketched and described to be later tested with focus groups. The groups evaluated all the ideas and gave feedback concerning the value and usage perception they had of the new products. In general, these products enjoyed great acceptance and the improvements suggested by the participants were taken into consideration.


The research process gathered rich and genuine content which was very helpful to the Electrolux Team’s better understanding of users needs and of opportunities to be explored. At the workshop phase, insights for other targets and services that weren’t within the original scope came up and were included in our report.

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