New website


New website

The month of the launch we already had a much higher number of people accessing the site, and research and searches are extremely positive. This shows that Try´s work was right on the spot.

Larissa Charnet - CI's Marketing Director


CI Website

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Design de Interação, Design de Interface, Teste de Usabilidade, Workshop de Inovação.



Our challenge with CI was to review their website, restructuring areas so that the main pillars were more evident, making the navigation more intuitive and flowing and also integrating content and customer information.


We started with a focus group of potential CI services customers to get insights and test acceptance of some features. After that, we ran a scope workshop with the client. With all features defined, we started creating the flows and wireframes right away to generate navigable prototypes to serve as a base for the final layout. We then performed usability tests at the end of the process.

Focus Group

We selected 15 participants who wanted to study or have some work experience abroad to talk about their interests, how they look for information and what factors influence their decisions. The participants were split into three groups based on their ages and travel goals. For each group we had a different script with questions and topics for discussion. The interviews let to well based requirements in terms of the scope.

Scope Workshop

With the ideas and analysis gathered from the focus group, we got together with the client to outline the final project scope. This workshop lasted for a whole day and it was followed by the feature list created by Try. During the meeting, we discussed which feature was valuable for both the business and the users. The outcome was an approved final scope document.


With the defined scope, the team met to produce detailed wireframes for the redesigned website, based on the discovery phase of the project. The results were high-fidelity navigable prototypes for both the desktop and mobile versions, which guided the interface design and further development.


The pages were designed according to the wireframes and CI’s visual brand key, using modern and mild language. The use of large images, white spaces and friendly icons aimed at stirring the user's curiosity and making the navigation more intuitive and pleasant.

Usability tests

In order to validate the product created by Try, we selected participants for a usability test on a prototype version. This test aimed at correcting some issues that might have gone unnoticed during the design process and small flaws on the general navigation flow, or micro-interactions.

The website

The project culminated on CI's new website. Each of the website elements was designed according to users' expectations we had learned on the focus group, and it was refined after the usability test.

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